Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Bella

I am in Arizona visiting my family and I got to visit my aunt and uncle's new baby horse named Bella. She is about two months old. Isn't she beautiful?!


  1. Bella's a beauty and so is her mother! You sure picked a good time to visit Arizona, we're having some pretty nice weather this week.

  2. Hello Ashley

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. With regards night-time photography. Be careful first of all, take a friend with you after dark.

    Any tips. Dress accordingly, take a small torch, your mobile. Use a sturdy tripod, a cable release or timer delay to avoid camera shake. Bracket your exposures. I usually set my aperture at F8 or 11. I rely on my excellent in camera meter.

    If set on the bulb setting then I count the exposures between 30 seconds up to and including 5 minutes, this depends on the light you have (the more street lighting and moon light the better and less the exposure).

    Enjoy your night-time photography.

  3. Oh, how precious! Very beautiful.

  4. Great post, she looks so tiny.

  5. Some gorgeous views from those trails.remember hiking around there in the 1960's, but don't recall the observatory being that big, maybe they've expanded it.

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