Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to Photograph Flowers

The flowers in southern California are so beautiful right now that I thought I would post another "how to" today. I wanted to share some tips that I found helpful when photographing my flowers. Check out some inspirational flower photos here, some of them are absolutely amazing! I hope to be able to get some shots like that someday. Flowers are so delicate and colorful, they are the perfect subject for any aspiring photographer. Plus, they are super easy to find! You can just walk out your door, explore your neighborhood and photograph flowers along the way! Here is a great article that describes the best way to photograph flowers!

Some specific tips include to, first and foremost, plan your picture. Whether it's a macro (close-up) of a flower, or a field of wild flowers spanning across acres. For close-ups you will need to have a macro setting on your camera, or have macro lenses. I have a macro setting, which I used, but I also tried to get up very close to the flower since I have no special lenses yet. (If anyone has any suggestions on affordable macro lenses and filters that would be great!)

Secondly, the focus of the picture is very important. Decide on your focal point, or the part of the flower that you want to be in sharp focus. It could be a petal, stem, stamen or anything you want! Because this is a close-up, the focal point is very important!

Next, many sites recommend using a tripod for perfect pictures, but of course it is possible to do it without one.

In addition, trust your light meter, try for the best light and try to avoid distractions in the background....unless thats what you're going for. All in all, have fun experimenting and maybe you will get some good shots. That's what I tried to do, but after seeing all the amazing pictures of flowers in the link above....I think I have some more work to do :)

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